Beach& Dragon Magic


“Magic, as I am using the term, is a sudden opening of the mind to that wonder of experience. It is a sense that there is much more to life than we usually recognize; that we do not have to be confined by the limited views that our family, our society, or our own habitual thoughts impose upon us; that life contains many dimensions, depths, textures, and meanings far beyond our familiar beliefs and concepts.”   Jim Welwood


Driftwood Treasures


Ready for framing. Many times the smallest pieces of driftwood tell the most amazing stories.

The large pieces of driftwood are something to see, even more to place your hand upon the wood, feeling the endless whorls and the soft smoothness.

Yet, these small pieces, they just have another kind of special character about them.

What Do You Think?


Just about to frame these two. Sand dollars collected and cured all summer from various places on Vancouver Island. The gemstones are Labradorite, which is a beautiful ‘ocean like’ stone as it reflects the greens, blues, and golds of the water so wonderfully.

What do you think of the combinations, the design, the stones, etc.  Thanks!